Meet the Founder

Hello! I'm Michael Berezny (aka Mikey Bee).

I started Mindset University because the traditional school system didn't provide me with the support I needed to live my dreams.

As a result, I decided to build a school and become the teacher I wish I had growing up.

Since then, I've been teaching Personal Development for 10 years with the purpose of helping my students maximize their potential and live their dreams.

Our Vision & Mission


To be one of the most innovative school systems in the world, putting DREAMS at the heart of education.



To help you achieve your goals, maximize your potential, and live your dreams, so you can change the world.

What Makes Us Different

Lifelong Learning


Outdated Curriculum

Our approach to education is about lifelong learning and personal growth. The standard education model is outdated and doesn't support innovation.




Knowledge isn't power until it's applied. Transformation happens through experience.




Research continues to show the need for social and emotional skills and will continue to grow at a faster pace than the need for cognitive skills.

Active Learning


Passive Learning

Our curriculum is designed for active learning through evidence-based practices. We use various approaches that get you specific results and help you put your learning into practice.

Cohort-Based Courses


Self-Paced Courses

Going through a course alongside other learners is the best way to achieve transformation. On average, self-paced courses have a 3-6% completion rate vs. cohort-based courses which have a 75% completion rate.




A recent study on accountability was done by the Association for Talent Development showing that you're 95% more likely to achieve your goals with accountability. While you still need to demonstrate self-discipline, working with others will give you the extra support you need.

Specific Knowledge


General Knowledge

Research by the World Economic Forum shows 65% percent of children entering primary school will end up in jobs that don’t yet exist. That means there's more demand for specific knowledge, which is found by pursuing your passion, innate talents, and genuine curiosity.

Personal Investment


Inflated Tuition

The average cost of a college degree is anywhere from $10,00 - $45,000/year. The current cost of Mindset University is $1,000 - $2,000/year. The return on investment is exponentially greater. You're not only investing in your education, you're investing in yourself and your community.

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The Live Your DREAMS Manifesto

Dreams aren’t something we chase.

Dreams are something we live.

We live our dreams for the greater good of humanity.

We inspire others to maximize their capacity.

We strive for greatness and our passion is gracious.

Our purpose is driven with massive ambition.

We live in the moment, we live out our vision.

From sunrise to sunset, we do our best.

Because dreams are something we create and manifest.

We would rather live a life full of purpose and zero regrets, than a life with zero purpose and full of regrets.

So we live our dreams and do what we love.

Embracing the journey and who we become.

Mikey Bee