Meet the Founder

Hey there! I'm Michael Berezny (aka Mikey Bee) 👋, your math whiz and mindset mentor. After discovering my passion for teaching over a decade ago, I decided to dedicate my life to exploring the world of personal development and inspiring students to dream big.

I went from being a failing college student to making the National Honors Society and Dean's List after finding my true purpose: becoming a teacher. I've taught in various schools around New Jersey, honing my skills in math and developing a high level of intrinsic motivation (which I like to call Unlimited Motivation) to help me navigate the stress and burnout that comes with the job.

As the proud founder of Mindset University, I'm on a mission to help students maximize their potential and live their dreams. I've been teaching personal development for 10 years, coaching students in mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and positive psychology.

When I'm not teaching math or motivating students, you might catch me playing sports or going for a hike. I created Mindset University to provide the support I wish I had growing up, and I'm excited to be your guide on this journey of math mastery and personal growth.

Join me at Mindset University, where math and mindset go hand in hand. I can't wait to meet you and your future math superstar! 🌟

Our Vision & Mission


To be one of the most innovative schools in the world, putting dreams and well-being at the heart of education.



To help you achieve your goals, maximize your potential, and live your dreams, so you can change the world.

The Live Your DREAMS Manifesto

Dreams aren’t something we chase.

Dreams are something we live.

We live our dreams for the greater good of humanity.

We inspire others to maximize their capacity.

We strive for greatness and our passion is gracious.

Our purpose is driven with massive ambition.

We live in the moment, we live out our vision.

From sunrise to sunset, we do our best.

Because dreams are something we create and manifest.

We would rather live a life full of purpose and zero regrets, than a life with zero purpose and full of regrets.

So we live our dreams and do what we love.

Embracing the journey and who we become.

Mikey Bee