Mindset Monday

Mindset Monday

Hosted by: Mikey Bee

Want to take your life to the next level? We focus on personal and professional development to help you achieve your goals, maximize your potential, and live your dreams.

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How to generate more positive emotions for high performance

A big mistake I see so many people make when it comes to achieving their goals, dealing with stress, anxiety, and managing their emotions in general, is they don’t make the effort to generate positive emotions. And as...
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The Psychology of Love: How to love and be loved

Are you happy with your love life right now? No matter where you are on that spectrum, the consequence of not loving yourself and raising your own self-esteem will negatively affect your love life. You won’t receive...
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What does Personal Freedom Look Like To You?

Episode #61

What is your biggest desire in life? Freedom!  If not, then you’re making a huge mistake. Why? Because our main human drive is to seek personal freedom...and the alternative is a trapped life.  Where you feel...
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Becoming a Millionaire, Clarifying Your Purpose, and Visualization

Episode #60

Welcome to my random thoughts :) Here's the link to the 7 Levels Deep PDF! 7 Levels Deep
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Self-Reflection Sunday: My Thoughts on Procrastination

Episode #59

Trying something new and I'm going to be sharing my thoughts more organically in real time. I talk about procrastination and some other random stuff, so enjoy!
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3 Tips For Being More Creative

Episode #58

Some chatter from our Instagram live the other day! I shared 3 tips on creativity and I hope you find it valuable. I tried recording the podcast again while going live, and it was still a little harder than expected...
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Using "The Mountain Metaphor" To Improve Your Well-Being

Episode #57

If you know me, you know I'm all about living your dreams! A large part of that philosophy comes from this idea that "life is like a mountain". Even though I've been living through this lens, teaching this idea, and...
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3 Methods For Improving Confidence

Episode #56

Building the strength of your foundation will help you build up the rest of your building. The same thing applies to your confidence. When you work on building the strength of your foundation, the core principles of...
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5 Step Process for UNLIMITED Motivation

Episode #55

Hopefully this link works: file:///C:/Users/mikey/Downloads/The%20Unlimited%20Motivation%20Formula%20(1).pdf It's just a very basic worksheet that you can use as a reminder. There aren't any exercises or anything,...
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3 EASY Tips to Get & Stay Motivated!!

Episode #54

If you're looking for easy ways to get yourself motivated, it's really about getting in the right state of mind. 3 easy ways you can do that are by: 1. Identifying what you want and why 2. Creating a goal or goals...
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How to Use Mindfulness to Live a More Balanced Life and Reduce Stress

Episode #53

In this episode we talk about one of the main pillars of mindfulness which is "judgement". Judgement is when you attach a meaning to an experience and our brains are wired to judge moments, thoughts, and emotions...
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Q&A: First Year Teacher Tips, Work/Life Balance, Self-Care, and Student Motivation

Episode #52

First podcast in a while, I'm a little rusty, but I hope you enjoy it! Timestamps are below: First Year Teacher Advice: 2:25 Tip #1 = Create memorable moments 9:22 Tip #2 = Be funny and use humor 12:16 Tip #3 = Be...
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