What Does Personal Freedom Look Like To You?


What is your biggest desire in life?


If not, then you’re making a huge mistake.


Because our main human drive is to seek personal freedom...and the alternative is a trapped life. 

Where you feel like you can’t get ahead, always working, making no progress, and never satisfied.

But when you’re free, you have the luxury to live life on your own terms. In ALL areas of life!

Let me explain. Here’s how I see personal freedom:

  1. Mental Freedom: the ability to consciously choose positive thoughts.
  2. Emotional Freedom: the ability to regulate emotions and detach from negative feelings.
  3. Financial Freedom: the ability to live abundantly without worry or uncertainty about money.
  4. Spiritual Freedom: the full belief and trust in your life philosophy. 
  5. Physical Freedom: the ability to be in control of your body.
  6. Creative Freedom: the ability to do work on your own terms without limits.

There might be more and these aren’t exact definitions (I just made them up), but these are the 6 core areas.

Personal Freedom to me is about maximizing and growing that freedom in each area of life.

While I have freedom in many of the areas above, I’m still not 100% where I want to be in life. For example, I can’t take off an entire year of working to chill in the Bahamas...at least not yet ;)

But I can appreciate all the freedom I do have, which is a lot, and be grateful for that.

There’s more ahead on this journey and if you don’t seek clarity on what personal freedom looks like to you, then you’ll never get there (like the Bahamas!)

Be intentional about the life you want to live. Dream big and seek clarity! What does personal freedom look like to you? Answer the questions below to gain greater insights.

Activity: 4 Reflection questions

As you complete the prompts below, there are no right or wrong answers. Responding authentically and fully is essential in generating and accessing more clarity and momentum in your life.

  1. Freedom to me means…
  2. I can better align myself with my interests by…
  3. Three character traits that are authentic to me that I can better embrace are…(example: leadership, humor, gratitude, etc.)
  4. My financial freedom number is... And I can better achieve it by…

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