How The Journey Mindset Can Increase High Performance

High Performance is about long-term success.

People who are high performers are happier, less stressed, and more successful than their peers over the long-term. That’s just the way that it is!

But being successful doesn’t mean you’re accomplishing a bunch of goals in life, especially if they’re aren't that fulfilling or rewarding (I think we all know enough stories about millionaires who aren’t/weren’t happy). Rather, success could also be viewed as the lessons you’ve learned, the habits you’ve built and the feelings you experienced along that path of success.

Experiencing that feeling of joy throughout your journey of success is what makes it more enjoyable.

Think about it, the word “enjoy” has the word joy in it. Meaning, you experienced joy!

If life is a journey, then wouldn’t you want to enjoy it?

Even if you’re already successful, happy and crushing it in life, that next level of success requires you to look at life through a different lens. What got you here won’t necessarily get you to where you want to go.

Adopting the journey mindset will help you navigate life with more joy, confidence, resilience, and purpose.

3 Tips for Adopting The Journey Mindset

1. See life as a mountain

Imagine you’re going for a hike. What’s the point? What’s your purpose for hiking?

There might be different reasons for various people, but ultimately I bet there’s a major part of you that goes hiking for the pure enjoyment of going hiking.

Our life is broken up into various domains of life: love, mental health, physical health, money, career, friends and family, etc. 

These domains represent different mountains. Just like we have Mount Everest, Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Tammy (my favorite mountain in the Delaware Water Gap), each domain of life has its own journey.

As you determine what mountain you want to climb (and which life domain you want to focus on, such as love), you can then use your map to navigate the trails (and the map represents your emotions).

For example, how do you currently feel about your love life right now? Are you disappointed? Satisfied?

Whatever your circumstance is, you can start to look at your situation as a journey.

Where are you currently on your mountain? Are you at the top and you’re super happy because you just got married which was a huge goal of yours! (The peak represents goals). 

Or are you somewhere in the middle where you feel a little bit lost. Maybe you’re not sure if you want to continue climbing this mountain because the relationship you’re currently in doesn’t seem too promising.

Maybe you’re on two different paths in life (the trails represent your values) and you both want different things.

There are an infinite amount of scenarios we could make up, but the point of seeing life as a mountain is to help you navigate your life with more confidence, purpose, resilience, joy, and autonomy. Among many other benefits!

We’ve only scratched the surface of using the mountain metaphor as a way to adopt the journey mindset, but this is a great first step.

2. Reflect on how far you’ve come and celebrate

Take a step back and look at your life. 

Where are you right now? How did you get there? What decisions did you make (for better or worse) that got you to where you’re at right now?

Looking at your life as if you’re hiking a mountain will help give you slow down and see how you’re navigating life with a new perspective. It will give you greater insights into the journey you’re currently on. 

What level of success do you feel like you have right now?

There’s a better way of measuring success, which isn’t about all of the goals you’ve accomplished, rather the habits you’ve maintained after you’ve accomplished a goal.

Imagine if you made a million dollars, wouldn’t you feel happy and successful? 

Now imagine that you lost all that money...I’m sure you wouldn’t be so happy anymore! Point being, if you can’t sustain that level of success, it’s pointless.

This is why developing High Performance Habits is so important for your long term success and the journey mindset is the perfect combination. 

Do a weekly review (mine is every Sunday) and think about your progress. You should also be journaling daily. Taking 10-15 minutes (sometimes I journal for an hour or more) and reflect on your day. The lessons you have learned, the moments you were grateful for, and the impact you had on the world around you. Feel free to explore different writing prompts that inspire you.

This will not only give you greater insights and help you adopt a journey mindset, but you will also be saving precious documents for the rest of your life.

You are literally writing your story. Make it a fun journey!

3. Follow the Unlimited Motivation Formula

If you’re wondering what the UMF is, then read the full article here.

The purpose of this formula is to help you adopt a journey mindset and live a more purpose driven life.

It’s a combination of Positive Psychology, High Performance Habits, Personal Development and Psychological Needs that will help you develop, generate and master intrinsic motivation so you can live your dreams.

Even if you already have all the motivation in the world, growth requires change and change requires new ways of thinking. The Unlimited Motivation Formula was designed so you can use the mountain metaphor to navigate life, while following the best habits for long-term success.

Final Thoughts

What is success and how do we achieve it? 

Most assume success is about what you’ve accomplished, such as the recognition, status, or money. They also associate success with the fleeting feeling of happiness you experience once you achieve a goal or destination. 

However, another metric of success is based on the behaviors you sustain once you achieve the goal. These habits enable you to maintain or even advance your accomplishments even further, and allow you to make progress in important domains of your life. 

When viewing life as a journey, the better metric of success is how much you feel you have grown, learned, and your ability to change your habits moving forward. And adopting a journey mindset helps foster that type of success.


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