7 Strategies For Breaking Through Limiting Beliefs

Have negative thoughts hindered your efforts in living your best life? 

Your personal beliefs about yourself and your life matter more than you realize. In fact, those beliefs become the very foundation upon which you build your life. 

How do you recognize self-sabotaging beliefs? 

Some common thoughts are:

  • "I'll never be good enough"
  • "I guess I won't ever fall in love again."
  • “I'll be fat forever."
  • "I'm sure Sally will get that promotion over me."
  • "I wish I could find the time to take a vacation to Europe."
  • "How will I ever live the life I want with my current income?"

If you identified any of your limiting beliefs while reading the above examples, then try one of the following  strategies to break free from those negative thought patterns. 

Focus on these 7 strategies to start thinking in a new direction:

1. Refrain from labeling yourself

If you see yourself as "poor" financially, then you might unconsciously strive to match that label. Or if you think of yourself as "fat" you may be unable to imagine yourself as beautiful and thin.

Focus on reframing your negative labels into something more positive.

2. Take baby steps

When you continually move towards your goals, you'll gain the momentum to keep on going. Rather than thinking you're unable of success, make a plan of achievable action steps. 

For example, maybe you'd like a European vacation. Instead of believing you'll never get there, establish a small weekly savings goal of $20, and keep putting money aside until you have enough.

3. Learn to be your own best friend

The power of self talk could change your life, so love yourself and be your own best friend. You can do this by giving yourself the benefit of the doubt. Trust yourself and think positive thoughts such as, "I can do this!”

If you make this a daily practice, you'll reject and break those limiting beliefs.

4. Believe in yourself

Instead of insisting you'll "never" do something, say that you can, and then do it. If you turn those negatives into positives, it boosts your self-esteem. Trust that you can accomplish, succeed, and prevail. True confidence is having the belief in your ability to figure things out. 

Additionally, you might not be the best athlete, but if you give it your best effort, you’ll feel proud of yourself nonetheless.

5. Assess the truth

Ask yourself, "Is what I'm thinking really true?" For example, is it an absolute reality that you'll never be able to save any money for your vacation? It doesn't have to be true, unless you strive for that. 

Change your mindset by beginning your weekly saving habit today. Make it automatic. Every week you have $20 automatically being saved from your bank account. See how simple it is to start saving?!

The key is in questioning your limiting beliefs. When you realize they're unrealistic, untrue, and within your power to change, you'll be able to break away.

6. Recognize how powerful your negative thoughts are

You create who you are by what you think about yourself. Why not turn that power into positive energy that drives you towards the things that you want in life?

This doesn’t mean you ignore all your negative thoughts and emotions. You’re actually becoming more aware of them. If you implement these strategies properly, then you’ll start building better relationships with those negative thoughts.

7. Learn from prior errors

Instead of using your past against you, think about the knowledge you've gained from each experience. Maybe an important friendship dissolved a few years ago. The loss of that relationship doesn't mean you'll never find another friend again. 

Rather than getting bogged down by these limiting beliefs on how you view your shortcomings, you can reflect on what role did you play in this relationship? What can you learn from this past experience? What could you have done better as a friend?

There are a thousand questions you could ask yourself, but the key is creating a conversation with yourself about learning. We often overlook the importance of social skills and emotional intelligence. Taking time to reflect and learn from prior relationships or interactions is a great way to become more aware of your thoughts.

Final Thoughts

When you apply the above strategies to your life, you'll see the possibilities that are all around you. You can do anything you set your mind to. These negative thoughts sabotage your growth and leave no room for success. You know how talented you are. Break through those limiting beliefs so you can be free and start embracing the good life that's yours for the taking.


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