4 New Year's Resolution Goals Worth Setting

goal setting motivation Dec 02, 2020

New Year's Day is a great time to implement change and personal growth by setting goals that you want to achieve throughout the upcoming year.

Some resolutions are well worth setting because they can contribute greatly towards creating the life you desire!

These goals are worth it if they're attainable without any unrealistic expectations.

There are certain areas in our life we need to focus on more than others.

Have you been putting off your health?

Have you been ignoring your finances?

Try these types of New Year's resolutions to ring in a happy new year!

1. Health improvements

When your body thrives, you have more energy, enthusiasm, and vitality to do everything you want to do. Focus on setting goals for the specific actions that will provide the results you'd like to see.

For example, rather than stating that you want to lose 25 pounds next year, try incorporating smaller achievable goals and action steps that will help you lose weight.

Set resolutions such as enrolling in a yoga class, running 3 times a week, or eating a salad once a day.

Resolve to bring new experiences into your life. Set goals about new foods that you want to try, eating 3 more vegetable servings each day, or growing your own organic vegetables.

These type of goals are more fun to reach, but they'll contribute to the same end result.

The key here is to focus on process goals that help you develop a healthier lifestyle. You're not trying to lose 25 pounds just so you can STOP! You want to maintain those healthy habits.

2. Financial improvements

Following the same advice as above, try to avoid setting unrealistic resolutions like "pay off all my debt next year" or "Put $10,000 away in savings."

Instead, choose goals for specific actions that will get you where you want to be financially.

For example, you may resolve to save all of your spare change and deposit it into your savings account every month.

Maybe you'd like to pick up 3 extra hours at work each week and dedicate those earned funds to your savings account or debt repayment.
 (I take all my tutoring money - which is cash - and stash it away in my cash jar. It's very rewarding to see it physically pile up!)

Or make a list of specific money-saving actions like the above that you'd like to incorporate into your daily life and add a new action to your routine each week.

By the end of the year, you'll be an automatic money-saving machine!

Another idea is to find something you want to eliminate. I tend to spend too much money on food eating out because it saves me time from cooking and it's easier, so I've limited myself to eating out just once per week (usually Chipotle).

This has helped me save money and reduce bad spending habits that pile up over the year.

3. Creative endeavors

Creative goals can absolutely lead to personal enrichment and development. What interests you? Set resolutions to try new things, experience new places, challenge your comfort zone, and learn about yourself all at the same time.

To get you started, consider resolutions to try new crafts or creative projects, start writing in a journal, take up pottery, or a variety of other creative endeavors.

Create a resolution to try a new recipe at least once a month.

Or fashion a resolution to hand-make every Christmas gift you give, starting at the beginning of the year!

I love making handmade cards for birthday's or special occasions, and people tend to love the effort I put into it, and the funny jokes I write.

In fact, I actually gave a birthday card to a student and she messaged me years later saying she still remembered that card!

4. Intellectual endeavors

Intellectual New Year's resolutions can also benefit you in many different ways.

With the world continuously evolving, we need to level up our skills to keep up (and ideally get ahead of the curve).

Take a course or seminar on a topic that interests you, such as videography, psychology, public speaking, or entrepreneurship.

Challenge yourself to read a non-fiction book about a specific subjects that interest you, take notes, study your notes, and teach it online!

New Year's resolutions are a great way to find new ways to challenge yourself.

Above all else, choose New Year's resolution goals that actually interest you and that are achievable for you. Resolve to do things that will be enjoyable, while also improving your life as a whole.

Remember, real change happens when you commit to change and understand it's a process. New Year's resolutions can help you take that next step forward in creating the desired life you want.


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